What is a Moggie ?

Profile of a moggie

All cats can be moggies – pure breeds included!

We have seen most breeds come through as  moggies  including Burmese, Birman, Oriental, Persian, Siamese, Scottish Fold, Ragdolls, Bengals, along with the Domestic short, medium and long hairs.


You will be spoilt for choice when looking at moggie coat colors.
Moggies come in the whole spectrum,  from pure pristine whites, charming creams, gorgeous gingers, good looking greys and bold blacks.

Moggies coats come in one solid color,  or in a range of multicolored patterns including stripes, blotches, speckles, flecks and spots. Each one is truly unique and beautiful.

Coat length

Long haired, short haired, medium haired and even on rare occasions curly haired, moggies highlight the true variety of the cat world with their coats.


The size of a moggie varies greatly, ranging from dainty petite moggies to long limbed agile moggies and all variations in between. On occasions you will find the Garfield style well rounded moggie who will come with their own personal diet plan.


Whatever the personality you are seeking, you will find a moggie to match.

Some moggies are extremely outgoing, ready to jump right into a new active life, whilst other moggies are more on the shy side.  Some moggies can be inquisitive and chatty, and some are just looking for a comfy place to sleep. Sophisticated moggies love to strut around whilst some moggies love to get their paws dirty and are into mischief wherever they can find it.

Regardless of their individual personalities, all moggies are loyal, faithful wonderful companions who appreciate their second chance.

Distinguishing Feature

Making moggies unique and much sought after are the not so obvious extras that all moggie have.

All moggies have been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. Moggies have been fully health checked by a veterinarian, with a health guarantee and all moggie’s legal paperwork is in A1 order.

The underdog of the cat world

Most moggies had a life with an owner once, one that they loved and trusted. For a variety of reasons including financial, marriage breakups, owner ill health and irresponsibility, this owner has been lost to them. This is when cats transform into moggies.


Moggies have spent time in specialist moggie care facilities

All moggies have spent time in the specialist moggie care facilities – shelters or rescue groups  – where they have highly trained staff taking care of them. These staff provide the moggies with  a safe and loving environment in preparation for another chance; a second life.

Moggies are healthy

All shelters and rescue groups will ensure that moggies are desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and  healthy in body and mind.

Moggies come in all shapes and sizes

Moggies are small, long, tall, chunky, black, tabby, cream, ginger, fluffy and smooth. They are young, teenage, old and twilight. Some have impeccable  manners, some love to party,  some sleep a lot, some chat a lot, some love other cats and some just prefer to be only cats. Moggies come in all different appearances and personalities.

Moggies have adoption staff to ensure the best match

Moggies have highly trained staff (or servants) to ensure that the match between moggie and owner is the best for both parties. They know the personality of the moggie and what they need to be happy, ensuring that the active moggie gets an active home, the sleepy moggie  gets a nice lap to sit on and  the shy moggie is matched with a more quiet relaxed home.

Moggies have support staff to help post adoption

Moggies staff will be able to give the new owner loads of information on how to settle them into their new home – they act as translators to help you to understand your new best friend.

Moggies are ‘legal’

Organisations on moggies.com.au don’t cut corners when it comes to moggie adoption. To ensure your moggie is fully prepared to be your forever companion, all moggies are checked for for correct and standard transfer of ownership procedures and documentation.

Moggies can help you to make a difference

Adopt a moggie and save a life.